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Advancing Chemistry Inc. is a leading provider of high-performance chemical products and services for the Oil & Gas industry. We assist E&P companies in providing accurate solutions to improve production sustainability and operational and economic efficiency.


Whatever the challenge, our full-service lab can design customized proactive and reactive chemicals and provide you with the guidance needed at every step of the application process.


We provide a range of chemistry solutions for:


1. Drilling and Completions:





2. Production Chemicals

    Paraffin and Asphaltene Solvents and Inhibitors

    Mineral Scale Acids

    Corrosion Inhibitors



3. Specialty Chemicals

    Production System additives 

    Flowing and Artificial lift wells

    Frac flowback effluent treatment 


4. Industrial Chemical Solutions

    Industrial Cleaning

    Solvents for organics

    Acids for mineral deposits 


ACI combines operational expertise and exclusive chemical technologies to assist producers in minimizing costs associated with the mitigation and removal of organic and inorganic deposits. Achieving this multi-nodal impact increases operational and economic efficiency.


Our Team

Tyler Gobin, Co-Founder, COO

Murray Pike, VP Operations

John Scalise, VP of Finance

Darren Maley, Director of Technology

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