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Flotexx Artificial Lift Additive Nets $35,000 per month by Improving Runtime and Decreasing OPEX

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Enhanced Plunger System Performance in Paraffinic Low Temp / Press Well

Oilfield Production chemicals performance

High paraffin content oil and low pressure/temperature conditions challenged the design and operation of reliable plunger performance. Flotexx AL additive provided the ideal downhole environment required for successful and stable plunger operation. Unplanned downtime due to wax formation was eliminated resulting in a 6 hour per day (180 hrs per month) average increase in run time. The combined benefit of from lost production due to downtime and reduced operating expenses combined for an average of $35,000 per month.

The Producer Wanted Reliable Plunger Operation

Artificial Lift is required after flowing pressures subside, a producer wanted reliable plunger operation from the following application.

  • TVD: 800M

  • BHT: 38°C

  • C30+ Content: 32%

  • Plunger Type: Conventional

  • GOR: 2.2 e3m3/m3

The plunger system experienced significant unplanned downtime due to the mechanical and hydraulic obstructions provided by the paraffinic effluent.

What ACI Proposed

Flotexx AL Additive conditions the effluent and lubricates the tubular to provide an ideal environment for plungers to function effectively. Flotexx treated effluent also provides downstream benefits that combine to reduce lost production and expenses due to unplanned downtime.

"Flotexx siginifincalty improve gas lift functionality and reduces OPEX in challenging well conditions"

Operational and Economic Efficiency

Flotexx AL additive reduced downtime and unplanned monthly operational expenses on an average of $35,000 when compared to months before Flotexx.

Cleaning paraffin wax in Montney formation

ACI combines operational expertise and exclusive production chemical technologies to assist producers in minimizing organic deposits from the wellbore to the sales point.

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The AdvancingChem Team

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