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Calgary Lab Capabilities


The Lab

  • Four fume hoods

  • Stainless steel ducting for acid work on one

  • Water and nitrogen supply​

  • Storeroom with four flammable storage cabinets​

  • Three additional storage cabinets at the rear​

  • Explosion-proof fridge freezer


RCE Corrosion Cells

A Rotating Cylinder Electrode (RCE) corrosion tester is a lab device that simulates the flow conditions found in pipelines. It features a spinning cylinder that exposes a material sample to a corrosive fluid at a controlled speed. The RCE helps researchers understand how materials corrode under flow and allows them to test corrosion inhibitors or optimize material choices for pipelines and process equipment.


Thermal Conductivity Tester

Thermal conductivity testers are specialized instruments used to measure the thermal conductivity of various materials. Thermal conductivity is a material property that indicates how efficiently a substance can transfer heat. These testers are employed in industries like construction, manufacturing, electronics, and energy to ensure materials meet performance requirements for insulation, heat exchange, and thermal protection.


Cold Finger Apparatus

A cold finger wax tester is a laboratory device used to determine the wax deposition tendencies of crude oil. It features a cooled metal "finger" that simulates a cold pipeline wall. This finger is immersed in a heated oil sample, and the amount of wax that deposits on its surface over time is measured. This information helps evaluate wax inhibitor performance and potential wax-related issues in oil pipelines and processing facilities.


Water Testing 

  • Cations

  • Anions

  • Resistivity/Refractive Index

  • Ph

  • Specific Gravity 


Corrosion Testing

Chandler CP360 Dynamic Corrosion Tester

• Cells oscillate 180° to mix sample

• Pressurized up to 6000 psi

• Four cells can be independently heated to 200°C

• Liquid sample volume –110 mL

• All wetted components are Hastelloy

• Typically run 4-6 hours tests

Screen Shot 2019-09-27 at 3_49_17 PM.webp

Synthesis Equipment

Well equipped for organic synthesis and purification


Viscosity Testing

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 10.34.04 AM.png

Acid Testing

Acid compatibility: Checking for emulsion/sludging issues.


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